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November 19, 2010



And why is it every time someone complains how selective you all are being in who you target you get defensive and whine that you're being 'silenced'. I didn't say crap about black women shouldn't speak out I'm saying I don't see what purpose it serves only attacking certain people when there are many who aren't black males that happily engage in demeaning black women. You don't seem to mind being 'silent' about that.


Then where are all the post on the obvious misgogyny from white males then?! As for a more personal issue and invested interest you all talk about sexism and racism as if they can' ever exist in the same space. Howard Stern is lauded and paid MILLIONS to say the same shit as Jay Electronica and worse but black women don't criticize his sleazy ass. It seems you also don't have a problem with the way Hollowood treats black women. If she isn't the world's biggest slut then she's a 'mammy' or best friend or some other ridiculous bullshit. And another thing black womne keep bringing up D.L Hughley well last time I checked he AIN'T a rapper there are plenty of black male comedians[and some female]who make hateful disparaging remarks about black women yet I rarely if ever see them being taken to task.


Lave, obviously I don't agree with you!

I'm also a bit confused where you are bringing up the rap example.......

Also, if you read back through this blog ( most likely you didn't) you will find that I am just as critical with the metal scene as I ever have been with the Rap/ Hip-Hop Scene. You don't know me, but your alluding that me and all the other black women bloggers would rather criticize 'our own' than white men is really fucking stupid.

However, you do have a point as to why, if proven so ( but not by me on this blog) that black women have an issue with SOME black male rappers who spout nonsense is perhaps because we ( or at least I) take it a bit more personally when some black dude says something that is offensive to black women. Based on our history and the real problem of racially-stereotypical generalizations that are directed towards black women, for 'our own' to perpetrate the same nonsense, to show such hatred so they can make money is hurtful and divisive within our communities.

What do you expect people to do? Sit down and shut up? Please!


Oh please if ANYBODY is a hypocrite it's you and a lot of black women on these blogs! And rap is not ANY more misogynist than 90 percent of entertainment especially the kind produced by white males the people you all REFUSE to criticize. You even have the nerve to rave about metal hold the damn phone metal,rock and country are as sexist as any music can be but black womne don't seem to care unless there's some black male bashing to be had.


I was kind of depressed after seeing For Colored Girls. My mother saw the broadway play and she raved over it. I liked the movie though but,it is very sad. I am not that much of a feminist due to the fact that it feels as though the movement does not exist at this point. I have found that there are not black female characters that appeal to me as well. It is hard to find a suitable mate these days. I am having trouble of my own at 26 so I feel you there. I applaud you for waiting to have children. So many women of color have become statistics and baby mommas. I can totally understand your stance on that.

One day you'll find your significant other. I heard a quote from the show that says there is a freak out there for everyone.

Invisible Oranges

I think why many "-isms" exist is because society does not practice common sense. So some package and market it in order to get the attention of others. Sometimes that works. Sometimes that doesn't. I agree that only one can determine the right way for oneself.

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