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August 15, 2007



This is my first time checking out your blog. I hope you continue to write in your own style at your own pace. Ain't none of us Field Negro (smile).

As an aside, your membership in The AfroSpear should be confirmed shortly. I just learned today that I'm responsible for the mechanics ... so I'm working thru the list of folks that have asked to join ... and yours is in the queue!

peace, Villager


don't stop writing about what YOUR experience is. There are SO many of us who need to hear it!!!

I would be really happy to hear more about racism in Canada. The binational non-profit agency I work for has an "anti-racism" (now so toned down that it barely deserves the name anymore) mandate, and the curriculum in Canada is different than the curriculum in the US. Most (white) folks in our Canada offices will say that "well, we don't have the same kinds of problems in Canada", but I've heard from at least one African-American woman that many African-Canadians (?!) don't agree with this assessment.

In reading your post, I thought of what I read on a totally unrelated blog recently--that blogs today are like the independent newspapers of the past . . . the only voice for the "other" side of the story. I'm misquoting, but hopefully you get the idea.

That rings in my ears, along with a quote from the movie _Hairspray_ (the new one), where Tracy's mom tells her not to protest because "you'll be put on LISTS!" I actually started to get scared when I heard that, thinking about the types of things I blog about. But there is at least a small part of me that is willing to be on any "list" they want to put me on, because I can't stop talking about this stuff. and I hope you won't either!

The Black Sentinel

Well said, I too have tried to comment on that black girl blog. I was being blocked for months then one day I guess I toned down my irritation enough to get in. But anyway, I too grew up in a white environment, in the U.S. and I can't relate to that chick at all. I feel that she and those like her are a big part of the problem. I too feel compelled to read her blog and just try and talk some sense in to her, but I fear that it's a waste of time.

Last year I moved from Toronto to Edmonton. Phew, now that place was racist (lots of emphasis on racist). I was disgusted, I felt like I was back in the states and in Idaho again. I didn't stay there for but a few months before calling it quits and running home to the states. Unfortunately this taught me two things, the grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence (even though Canada is beautiful), and blatant racism is pretty much everywhere.

Unfortunately I don't know if I see being categorized as a victim as a super bad thing. I don't necessarily like it, but if someone does something to you, you are a victim of whatever they did. But, would or will I let it screw up my life, I think not. But, if it has to do with things such as employment, health care, or education, you are pretty much at the mercy of those in charge. If racism rears its ugly head, then yes you can go to another doctor, apply for other jobs and attend some other school. My problem is that why should I have to do this?

Francis L. Holland

Are you going to join the AfroSpear?

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